For novice kitchen chefs the words ‘Sous Vide’ may be enough to set them quivering at the knees – it’s a fancy name so many people feel intimidated. The truth of the matter is that Sous Vide cooking is among the simplest ways of preparing exceptional food in a way that keeps poultry, meat, fish and other staples tremendously moist and perfect every single time – and allows the chef to serve great meals where the food retains those awesome fresh flavors that everyone will enjoy.

So how does it work?

If you can seal a plastic bag and have the right equipment, then Sous Vide cooking is perfect for you. All that you do is seal your preferred cut of meat in a plastic bag and allow it to spend a bit of time in the loving embrace of water that is set at a specific temperature. After a set amount of time when you remove the meat and sear it, and you’re then ready to go. The gentle cooking method brings out the natural flavors and gives you perfectly prepared natural ingredients every single steak in a sous vide water bath

The advantages of this method of cooking are that your meat turns out perfectly cooked every single time. Take for example a great cut of steak. If you cooked it in a cast iron skillet, you would always run the risk of the exterior portions of the meat being overdone while the interior remains rare. Many people prefer this approach – but it might just be that they have never enjoyed a steak cooked using the Sous Vide method. By bathing the steak in a water bath at a specific temperature, the meat is cooked all the way through with no variance between the exterior and the interior. The result is simply a perfectly cooked steak – all the way through. Quickly sear it in a pan (or even use a blowtorch) and the result is just spectacular. There’s no toughness, and the result is melt in your mouth delicious.

Cooking seafood using the Sous Vide method also results in a perfection. With foods such as prawn or crab – or even lobster the window Tom produces that perfect meal is incredibly narrow. A slip-up will result in a dried out and tough end product. Using Sous Vide a succulent crustacean cut is more or less assured. Seafood simply bursts with flavor and moistness.

The secret is the accurate temperature control and length of cooking. Using modern Sous Vide equipment in the kitchen will turn even the most inexperienced chef into a superstar. The best Sous Vide water baths allow for the time of cooking and the temperature to be set and then it’s simply a case of waiting for that perfectly cooked piece of produce to be ready for that final touch of the sear. Then you can watch your guests’ faces light up and wait for the congratulations to come rolling in.

The latest and greatest equipment is excellent value for money and the journey towards exceptional meals is one that requires very little training. This is a cooking method that will work miracles for everyone.